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I'm delighted by your interest in Schwaikheim, even if it's only "virtual" as yet. Our pages will give you a first glimpse of our town, and round the clock at that. This Internet presence is designed as a central starting point for everyone interested in Schwaikheim. We want to provide you with a simple and rapid guide and open up a channel for you to make direct contact.

You'll find Schwaikheim a pleasant town to live in. And our excellent road and rail links with Stuttgart, the capital of Baden-Württemberg, make it an interesting business location as well. Competitive business concerns, craft workshops and industrial enterprises of world renown have set up shop here. Beautiful residential areas and an enthusiastic club culture are among the further attractions of Schwaikheim. Sports facilities, managed residences for senior citizens and a variety of leisure, educational and social activities make for a high quality of life here.

You'll find that Schwaikheim has a lot to offer. You are very welcome of course to come and explore our town in person at any time. Our delightfully scenic location, surrounded by vineyards and meadows planted with fruit trees, offers you a wide range of opportunities for outings and rambles. Restaurants and wine stalls invite you to call in, while our many festivals and special events spread over the whole year will tempt you to tarry awhile, relax and enjoy yourself. You'll find all the live dates in our calendar of events.

If you still have any questions, please contact us. We'll be glad to give you any further help.


Gerhard Häuser

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Gemeinde Schwaikheim
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Gerhard Häuser
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71409 Schwaikheim
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