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A snapshot of Schwaikheim

Schwaikheim, a town of some 9.400 inhabitants, lies in the Zipfelbachtal, 25 kilometres to the northeast of Stuttgart. Surrounded by picturesque meadows planted with fruit trees, wide, fertile fields and low hills, Schwaikheim scintillates with a charm all its own.

Nature idylls in the Leisure Centre

Convenient road links to the four-lane B 14 and a suburban rail connection make Schwaikheim of interest as a business location too. Competitive business concerns, craft workshops and industrial enterprises of world renown have set up shop here, guaranteeing a rich industrial mix and providing a wide range of goods. It isn't just proximity to the capital of Baden-Württemberg that makes Schwaikheim a good place for people of all ages to live and work in.

Excellent infrastructure, beautiful residential areas and an enthusiastic club culture are among the further attractions of Schwaikheim.

Easter fountain

Sports facilities, managed residences for senior citizens and a variety of leisure, educational and social activities make for a high quality of life here. Schwaikheimers love to celebrate life - and they never try to hide it. The many association parties that fill the calendar attract guests who come from near and far to join in the fun. Schwaikheim's best known and biggest festival, the three-day Fleckenfest with its many live acts, is held every two years.

Our town maintains international contacts within united Europe, being twinned with the French city of Gorron in the Mayenne département. Schwaikheim's natural monuments and sunken paths fascinate nature lovers and ramblers alike. The path from the Erbachhof to Linde is part of the old Roman road to Affalterbach. On a stroll to Erbachlinde you can enjoy a magnificent view of the Lemberg mountain and down into the Rems and Neckar valleys. For reasonably fit cyclists, we recommend the delightfully scenic Korber Kopf route, which runs through Schwaikheim. If you care to stop for a snack, a glass of fine local wine or cider awaits you at a number of cosy wine stalls.

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Mayor / Maire
Gerhard Häuser
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71409 Schwaikheim
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